1.  What is preserved moss?

Preserved moss refers to natural, real moss which is biologically sealed with a natural gliceryne based agent and hence no longer alive.

2.  Does it need any maintenance?

No. Preserved moss will keep its shape, texture and colour without water, sunlight or any other maintenance .

3.  For how long it will keep its shape and colour?

Many years. In addition, our products are delivered with a 5 years waranty certificate.

4.  Does it really have acoustic properties?

Yes. Soundproofing is one of the moss characteristics. It can absorb both high and low frequency sounds, therefore significantly reducing interior noise and the echo effect.     

5.  Can I hang my painting outside?

All of our pieces are intended for indoor display only. Direct sunlight, high humidity or contact with water will compromise their look and lifespan.

6.  Can I order a custom piece?

Yes! We offer custom sizes and a variety of plant materials if you have something specific in mind. A choice of frame colors, frame finishes or a lower frame profile is also available by request. Please contact us with your specifications.

7.  How can I buy a painting from your website?

Easy. Contact us by email, phone or via GreenOn's Facebook page and we will provide you with all the details needed to purchase a frame we have for sale on our website.

8.  How long until I'll get my frame?

Depending on whether is a ready made frame or a custom one. Generally it takes from 2-3 days to 4 weeks. We can give a correct estimate once we know more about your specifications.