A Tribute To Nature

Unique handmade moss art and moss walls for your commercial or residential space.

Based in Aarhus, GreenOn is a concept where Nordic design and nature cross paths to bring an innovative interior design solution for your home or work place. We merge natural elements into modern interior designs.

Our mission is to raise nature awareness in today's digitalised world. We strive to enhance human performance and creativity by the use of biophilic design.

Crafted in an environmentally friendly manner, using reclaimed materials and organic products, our art is inspired by the nature's beauty and calmness.

Our customers receive their own unique pieces based on their needs. We believe that by co-creating the product we get the best results. Each art work is delivered with a

5 years warranty certificate and it requires 0 maintenance.

We believe that in this era of never ending distractions, anyone is entitled to taking a pause to appreciate nature in their home, which can be ultimately therapeutic.

Why choose GreenOn Art work?


Our customers receive their own unique piece based on their needs. We believe that by co-creating the product we get the best results.


Each moss frame/installation is carefully crafted by selecting individual pieces of moss, which fit best with the creator's artistic view. Prior to preservation, the moss is harvested in a sustainable manner.


Only environmentally friendly materials are used for stabilizing the moss and creating the art pieces, making it perfectly safe to be placed indoor.


Soundproofing is a moss characteristic. It can absorb both high and low frequency sounds, therefore significantly reducing interior noise and the echo effect.


Our art is crafted in an environmental friendly manner. Plant-derived glycerin and food coloring are used to preserve the natural characteristics of the moss.


Our paintings keep their natural look and tactile feeling without requiring any maintenance. Each piece is delivered with 5 years warranty.

Solutions & Prices

Green On offers customised and ready made art works for your residential or comercial space with a 5 years warranty certificate. As the moss is preserved in-house, we offer wholesale preserved moss solutions as well.

Take a look at our company through our clients experience with us.

Jens Vang

Gudnitz - Architect company, Risskov

I was impressed to see how professional these two young students were about their art. The first thing that I have noticed was their captivating energy and passion for creating sustainable art. The moss painting that I have received from them represents an astonishing work of art which I am happy to display in our office.

Rikke Hansen

Designertorvet - Design shop aarhus

Det mosbillede som vi udstillede i vores galleri skabte hurtigt opmærksomhed fra vores klienter. Vi er glade for at se så stor en interesse i sådan et fantastisk, håndlavet stykke kunst. Det første billede havde vi udstillet i 5 dage, efter præsentationen. Vi ser frem til flere, fantastiske billeder fra de to meget kreative folk bag GreenOn.

Bettina Therese Møller

Rumdesigner hos Bettina Therese Indretning, Vega Salmon, Kolding

Mødet med GreenOn har være en meget positiv oplevelse og jeg er super tilfreds med samarbejdet med Adrian og Alex. Jeg fornemmede lige fra starten, da de præsenteres deres mos kunst, at de var meget kreative og passionerede og indsatsen stopper ikke før, der er fuld tilfredshed med resultatet - finishen er i top. Jeg har nu installeret deres værker i flere projekter og får så mange positive kommentarer. Folk drages ganske enkelt at den skønne naturlige mos, som gavner i ethvert rum.

Rikke Ullersted

Made by makers - Product design company, Aarhus

Vi modtog et upåklageligt stykke kunst fra GreenOn, et mos billede. Produktet blev leveret til tiden og sammen med medstifter af GreenOn, Adrian, fandt vi sammen frem til den ramme jeg bedst kunne lide. Han hjalp mig også med at designe billedet og sørget for at det passede perfekt til vores kontor.

Anne Marie

Lyrum Rammer - Art gallery, Aarhus

We always welcome new and innovative art in our gallery and the moss paintings from GreenOn fit perfectly with our vision. The moss paintings that we have presented had an original design, joining nature and elegance. We were delighted with the fact that they were bringing a small piece of nature into our gallery. Our clients were always asking us more details about these new paintings. Most of them were surprised that the paintings required no maintenance!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is preserved moss?

Preserved moss refers to natural, real moss which is biologically sealed with a natural gliceryne based agent and hence no longer alive.

2. Does it need any maintenance?

No. Preserved moss will keep its shape, texture and colour without water, sunlight or any other maintenance .

3. For how long it will keep its shape and colour?

Many years. In addition, our products are delivered with a 5 years waranty certificate.

4. Does it really have acoustic properties?

Yes. Soundproofing is one of the moss characteristics. It can absorb both high and low frequency sounds, therefore significantly reducing interior noise and the echo effect.

5. Can I hang my painting outside?

All of our pieces are intended for indoor display only. Direct sunlight, high humidity or contact with water will compromise their look and lifespan.

6. Can I order a custom piece?

Yes! We offer custom sizes and a variety of plant materials if you have something specific in mind. A choice of frame colors, frame finishes or a lower frame profile is also available by request. Please contact us with your specifications.

7. How can I buy a painting from your website?

Easy. Contact us by email, phone or via GreenOn's Facebook page and we will provide you with all the details needed to purchase a frame we have for sale on our website.

8. How long until I'll get my frame?

Depending on whether is a ready made frame or a custom one. Generally it takes from 2-3 days to 4 weeks. We can give a correct estimate once we know more about your specifications.


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